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Statistics and test construction

Our test construction service stands us apart from our competition.

When assessing candidates for selection and placement, Kendall Want Associates ensure our claims are supported by statistics and scientific methods. We create tests specifically for individual businesses, analysing where and how particular behavioural improvements can be made.

This makes staff selection, placement and development easier, and:

  • removes any uncertainty using standardised tests unrelated to your business, and
  • ensures a high success rate implementing specifically tailored strategies once analysis has taken place.

Along with our customised occupational tests, we offer advisory training and statistical support.

Customised staff performance and business enhancement tools

At Kendall Want Associates, we create tools that enable you to measure the following areas related to workplace performance:

  • *new* custom competency screening
  • creativity and change orientation
  • teamwork skills
  • occupational stress
  • management and leadership competencies
  • motivation indicators
  • emotional intelligence.
Test norming and benchmarking

Test norming is a critical piece to knowing and understanding business HR performance standards, and also as a means to set benchmarks. We see norming being one of the least informed areas in assessment today, and yet this facet of testing is essential in order to derive accurate test results and outcomes.

Far more effective than testing with standard norms or broadly supplied industry benchmarks, our test norming is supported with validation studies. We use psychometric methods, performed by our team of accredited psychologists, who can prove findings, rather than making general assumptions.

Please view our case study  to see how our test construction methods have helped our clients.