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How will KWA implement management psychology in my workplace?

Our team of accredited psychologists use proven scientific methods to help your staff achieve optimal performance through behaviour management.

We identify how to increase employees’ career satisfaction by assessing various facets of their personality and working capabilities. This allows us to offer professional advice to employers on how to best manage their staff to achieve employee motivation and satisfaction.

What is performance testing?

Performance testing is designed to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses through tests supported by scientific method. The results from these tests accurately indicate how successfully an employee will perform in their role.

Why would my workplace benefit from these performance tests?

Performance testing keeps employers informed on what to expect regarding existing or potential employee behaviour.

Understanding potential challenges that exist (or that may arise) enable employers to manage their organisation. They can also provide staff with tools that support rewarding working relationships.

What is involved with a psychological assessment?

Our team uses specifically tailored tests to measure human behaviour in a range of settings, such as:

  • recruiting for a role
  • transitioning between careers
  • assisting with ongoing staff retention.

Assessments are conducted by our accredited psychologists. They use tests and questionnaires supported by proven scientific methods.

How do organisational psychologists differ from other psychologists?

Organisational psychologists specialise in helping people (or businesses) perform effectively. They do this by analysing and equipping people in workplaces with certain management tools.

Much employee testing is centred around emotional intelligence, providing employers insightful and accurate advice on how to best to manage various personalities, habits and working styles.

What is management consulting, and why will my workplace benefit from it?

Management consulting is the process of engaging psychologists to help improve organisational performance.

By assessing internal behavioural challenges that exist amongst employees, external accredited psychologists are able to offer advice and an objective view that aids making vast operational improvements.

Why is career management important?

A career is similar to your health – what you put in is what you get out. Most of us have a career for the majority of our lives, so managing it wisely is important.

Employers who want their staff to perform to the best of their ability should practice across-the-board career management, and engage their staff in professional development opportunities.

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